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We are Gold Coast based Mortgage Managers & Brokers with over 30 years of experience – We love looking after clients’ mortgage requirements in this complicated new world of finance.

We have access to over 30 lenders; major banks, other banks, non-bank lenders – some owned by banks, as well as non-prime/non-conforming lenders (for people with poor credit etc.)

As a result of connections with multiple lenders, we have access to many loans versus your own bank which could potentially only have limited loan options. We looks for the BEST and MOST SUITABLE loan option for clients depending on their needs and requirements!

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This question is often asked by many borrowers, however the hassle of refinancing and reviewing home loan products on the market gives most borrowers a headache and anxiety. A recent survey found that the majority of borrowers don’t know what rate they are on. This is where Pacific Mortgage can help without obligation or cost. Simply provide us with a few details (initially) and we can review this information  for you to see if there a more suitable home loan for you. There usually is a better / more suitable deal than your bank is offering.

At Pacific Mortgage we know that each borrower is different and has individual requirements and goals. We search for tailored solutions to fit your needs. We review products and compare interest rates, fees and features to find a home loan solution that suits you and your situation.  We become part of your team, all working to provide you with a positive outcome.

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