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You are looking for a home loan in Gold Coast or across Australia but don’t know where you should start. Buying property is one of the biggest financial decisions you will ever make. However, it is becoming increasingly difficult for people to find the right home loan in Gold Coast to suit their needs. There are so many options on the Australian loan market, but with Pacific Mortgage, we can help you choose the one that best suits your needs.
So, are you ready to find the best home loan in Gold Coast? Give us a call or write to us.

Pacific Mortgage recognises the importance of getting the right advice. So, we have simplified our home loan process to just two questions.

1. Do you want a fixed-rate or variable rate home loan?
2. Are you more comfortable with a single home loan? Or would a package home loan be better for your needs?

Fixed home loans are ideal if you wish to lock in an interest rate over a specified time period, usually 1, 2, 3 or 5. Moreover, fixed home loans in Gold Coast provide certainty regarding repayments and interest fees for the specified period, as well as protection from rising interest rates for a certain time.

On the other hand, our experts would suggest that variable-rate loans offer variable interest rates that can fluctuate according to market conditions. They allow you to make additional payments without fees, offer offset and draw facilities, and allow you to repay the loan anytime without penalties.

While each one of these is different and caters to different requirements, we recommend you to get in touch with our team to know more about home loans in Gold Coast, which will best satisfy your needs.


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