Interest Rates

INTEREST RATES…from 2.29% fixed 2 yrs

Vary greatly according to many factors and obviously “the lender”

Lender – a bank, a major or otherwise, versus non-bank – there is a GREAT variation here – many lenders are MUCH cheaper than the major banks – eg  variable “home” loans from 2.70% variable  and 2.29% fixed 2 yrs or a mix of them both …as at 9 May 2020

Type of loan

– “Home Loan” v “Investment Loan” or a mix of the 2 – rates differ depending on loan type ie “home ” v “investment” loan

– “Full Doc” with income proof, or “Low Doc” with alternative sources of income proof

–  “Principle & Interest” v “Interest Only”

– “Variable” v “Fixed” rates – or a mix of the 2 often a good idea


Other loans also available – development, business equity, machinery, bad credit etc etc etc –


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