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Looking to invest in real estate? Do your investment loans in Australia meet your long-term financial goals?

Learn how to maximise your borrowing power so you can achieve your investment goals sooner! At Pacific Mortgage, we can help you with the best advice and the perfect investment loan option in Australia.

How? There are many factors that can make it difficult for investors to be approved for loans.

Investment loans in Australia have a higher risk profile than standard home loans. As such, you must be in a financially strong position to qualify.

A few of the fundamental lending criteria that we ensure most of our customers know are:

● You should have true savings of 5% to 10%
● Lenders may want equity in properties other than your primary investment property if you borrow over 90%.
● A solid credit history.
● An above average credit score.
● Stable employment.

You may suffice either one or all criteria, but you need not worry. Get in touch with our team to find the best investment loans in Australia.

Banks are more likely to take on higher risks when they lend money for investment purposes.

For instance, if you had an investment loan secured on your investment property and a home mortgage secured on your home, which would your first payment be if you were in financial trouble? We may ask these simple questions to help us understand the requirement of your investment loans in Australia and how you would use them.

With Pacific Mortgage, your search for finding the most reliable investment loans in Australia ends. Simply give us a call today and check how we can assist you. If you are new to the process, we will help you know about investment loans in Australia right from scratch.


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