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We understand how difficult it may be for temporary and non-residents, as well as Australian expats, to secure a property loan. That’s where Pacific Mortgage helps you with non resident home loans.

Many banks, lenders, and mortgage brokers are unfamiliar with your scenario. They may be confused about how to get your house loan authorised, or they may just reject your application because they don’t know any better or because the application is too complicated.

At Pacific Mortgage, we specialise in assisting temporary and non-residents (including Australian expats) in obtaining a fast and affordable non resident home loan. We’re also quite good at getting loans accepted since we exclusively work with folks who are into situations like yours.

We’ve previously assisted hundreds of temporary and non-residents. Thus, you can have us as your partner to assist you in obtaining a non resident home loan. Simply email us or set up a phone consultation to discuss your choices. We are confident in our work. So, we never charge you for advice.

We understand the complicated lending regulations and criteria of the mortgage lenders since we specialise in non resident home loans. This allows us to ensure that your home loan is approved the first time at the best possible interest rate, saving you thousands of dollars.

We also recognise that many temporary and non residents are not always able to provide a 20% loan deposit. Depending on your visa status, we can generally arrange financing even if you just have a 5% to 10% deposit.

Finally, we assist you in avoiding typical (and costly) errors that come as a result of complicated foreign currency, regulatory, and tax obligations. So, contact us today for a non resident home loan today.


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