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A reverse mortgage allows persons over the age of 60 to tap into a part of their home’s value, allowing them to fund a more comfortable retirement. Importantly, a reverse mortgage allows you to keep your house and live in it.

Pacific Mortgage, Australia’s largest network of accredited reverse mortgage brokers, specialises in helping seniors access home equity safely. We can help release equity in your home to make it more affordable so you can enjoy retirement.

Our credit team includes several years of experience in senior equity release and financial issues. Together we have completed hundreds of loan transactions with many reverse mortgage lenders. As a result, you can trust us to be one of your most trusted reverse mortgage providers in Australia.

Having local advisers in all the areas of Australia, we have access to a variety of reverse mortgage providers in Australia. We are able to help you compare loan options and determine the best option for you.

● We will assess the current state of your situation. This involves reviewing your pension benefits, analysing how much equity is available, and discussing your goals and future changes to your income and lifestyle.
● We will meet to discuss your loan needs and priorities. The discussion will allow you to better understand how to draw equity on your home or investment property. Do you want to leave a legacy for your beneficiaries? When you take out a mortgage on a home that is not your own, do you need to talk with your family?
● Being your reverse mortgage provider in Australia, we will inform you about reverse mortgages.

Contact our team here at Pacific Mortgage today; the leading reverse mortgage providers in Australia.


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