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FIRST HOME BUYERS – Where do I start?

Buying your first home can be a daunting task. Dealing with agents, solicitors and finance option/terms can leave even experienced buyers confused / stressed / anxious. Pacific Mortgage  is here to help & make it easier for you & less stressful as we do most of the work for you (for free). We can guide you through each step of the process and provide support when it’s needed. Download your free copy of our First Home Buyers Guide.

REFINANCING?Is your current “home loan” competitive? Is there a lower rate out there for me?  eg if paying more than 3.5%+  eg
   1.98% Fixed 1 year (Comparison Rate 2.47%)
   2.04% fixed (2 yrs)  (Comparison Rate 2.44%)
   2.09% fixed (3 yrs)  (Comparison Rate 2.42%)
are available, reverting to 2.48% variable. (Comparison Rate 2.51%) * Less than 80% LVR

This question is often asked by many borrowers, however the hassle of refinancing and reviewing home loan products on the market gives most borrowers a headache and anxiety. A recent survey found that the majority of borrowers don’t know what rate they are on. This is where Pacific Mortgage can help without obligation or cost. Simply provide us with a few details (initially) and we can review this information  for you to see if there a more suitable home loan for you. There usually is a better / more suitable deal than your bank is offering.

DEBT CONSOLIDATION – How can I improve my cash flow and save?
Do you currently have a home loan, car loan at a high rate, credit card(s) at even higher rates etc. and would like to consolidate them into one monthly repayment? Are you looking to save interest on those high interest rate loans and credit cards? Pacific Mortgage can do a review of all of your commitments and come up with options that may improve your monthly cash flow, stretching your dollar  further each month and reducing your stress.  Juggling payments on high rate credit cards, personal loans, car loans etc is not an easy task for anyone, especially in today’s tight financial climate.  While interest rates are low, there has never been a better time to consolidate your debts and speak with us today about your options in how to pay off your debts sooner.

Perhaps you are looking at starting or growing your investment property portfolio.  At Pacific Mortgage we can assist you with tapping into the equity you may already have in your home or investment properties to assist you in funding your next purchase.  We can look at how to structure your loans in a tax effective way that will enable you to provide accurate information to your accountant at tax time and make it less stressful.

eg Self-employed?….without recent Tax Returns to prove satisfactory income(s),    Short-Term Employment?    Low Doc? Bad Credit? 
Most lenders require that you fit their boxes.  We know that not everyone can meet the standard criteria of the mainstream lenders when qualifying for finance and all have different requirements.  You might be a self-employed borrower who does not have up to date tax returns or you have short term self-employment. Perhaps you have an issue on your credit file that has been preventing you from moving forward.

At Pacific Mortgage we know that each borrower is different and has individual requirements and goals. We search for tailored solutions to fit your needs. We review products and compare interest rates, fees and features to find a home loan solution that suits you and your situation.  We become part of your team, all working to provide you with a positive outcome.

So why wait!  Enquire now and get us working with you



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