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Australia’s non-conforming lender phenomenon began in the late 1990s. Non bank lenders began entering the market and offering loans that did not fit the traditional banking criteria. As the name suggests, non-conforming lenders in Australia offer loans that are not in line with traditional lending criteria. However, when you get in touch with Pacific Mortgage, you do not have to worry about it at all.

Sometimes, you may not all be eligible for traditional lending. Your circumstances may make it difficult for you to obtain a loan from a traditional lender. As a result, Pacific Mortgage can be one of your best non conforming lenders in Australia and be the solution to your financial problems.

We believe that a non conforming loan is an alternative to traditional bank loans. Hence, we ensure that you get the best service when you are looking for non conforming lenders in Australia.

To begin the process, while you think you will need an assessment before a loan approval can be granted, we follow a different approach than traditional banks. We are more open-minded to your unique circumstances and more willing to help you.

At Pacific Mortgage, we will assess your eligibility to discuss loan options with you. With you, we will discuss your requirements and how much you can borrow. The process of non conforming lenders remains the same for almost all the lenders, but every customer is special to us because everyone’s need of hiring a non conforming lender is different.

So, get on a call with one of our top experts and let us help you understand the process. We will do a detailed analysis and give you a proper idea of how much you can borrow from a non conforming lender like us in Australia. Get in touch today.


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